Dear Customer,

I was born and raised into a large family in the diverse Moroccan city of Casablanca, I grew up surrounded by the ancient culinary history of Morocco. My mother Zahra, “Rose” in English, was my greatest influence and brought me up on traditional recipes of the Moroccan cuisine. Her pride was to prepare delicious family meals, her passion for cooking was passed on to me. I was her baby boy, hence the nickname “Mimo”. In Moroccan Mimo means baby.

After graduating from University Ibno Zohr, Morocco in Computing and Management, I visited London in 1995 and fell in love with the vibrant city. I moved to Bedford to live with my brother Abi and was studied Computer science at Bedfordshire University and worked in the restaurants to support myself.

I worked with many experienced chefs covering many different cuisines but I learnt that my mother was the greatest chef and she was my greatest inspiration,

My first venture was opening and running my own restaurant early 2000 in Bedford and it was a big hit with the locals.

My inspiration for the food is an interpretation of the relaxed and lively Mediterranean lifestyle. Hospitality and sharing food is fundamental to the Mediterranean culture, it’s in our genes. Cooking comes naturally, straight from the heart.

There is no grand philosophy at Mimo’s, just good common sense. I believe a good restaurant is all about comfort, informality, warmth, friendly service and a great simple food. I just do what’s right, source good quality ingredients to produce good quality food.

I’m dedicated to serving authentic classic dishes using lots of fresh ingredients and cooking on a traditional charcoal grill to produce high quality, tasty and healthy dishes at excellent value for money. I have put my heart & soul into designing and setting up Mimo’s Restaurant and I hope you will love it as much as I do. I can promise you that you are in safe hands at Mimo’s simply because I’m driven by passion not profit margin.

Eat….Drink….Share & Enjoy.

Said Moustaghfir (Mimo)